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What is the Adventurers League?

The D&D Adventurers

League (AL) is organized play for Dungeons & Dragons, and using the fifth edition (5E) rules. That means the characters you play with here can be used in any other AL game. For more information see the official AL website. If you are playing for the first time we recommend joining a tier 1 event, for characters of level 1 to 4.

Do I need a character?

You can create your own character using the 5E rules but if you want help or advice we recommend showing up at 18:30 and we'll help you out. Alternatively we have a set of premade characters that you can try out.

Upcoming Adventures

  • CCC-RPSG-05 Through the Ashes and Flames tier 1
    CCC-RPSG-05 Through the Ashes and Flames tier 1
    di 25 jun
    25 jun 2024, 19:00 – 23:00
    A relentless heat wave has left the Flooded Forest parched, and the Fireseeker Task Force is scrambling to contain fires that have blazed to inexplicable life. Can you discover what burns at the heart of this mystery before all that is left are ashes?

What is the Delft Adventurers Guild?

The Delft Adventurers Guild is a group of people that like Tabletop Gaming. We mostly organise open to all D&D Adventurers League Evenings on Tuesdays. With the goal of making tabletop gaming more accessible for people to try out or just to play.

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