di 11 mei | Via Roll20+Discord (Link emailed at 18:30)

Adventurers League Evening - May 11th - Tier 2 (level 5-10)

WYC 2-2 A Shard of Shar

Time & Location

11 mei 19:00
Via Roll20+Discord (Link emailed at 18:30)

About The Event

Only one signup to avoid table confusion. People will get a link telling them which table they are in but it is generally still possible to switch if you ask in the discord or add a comment to signup if you have a preference.

Miriam, a priestess of Amunator has received a message from an  acquaintance in Mulmaster that she has something dark in her possession  that can only be trusted with the Inquisition of the Radiant Dawn and  you are the only ones she can trust.

A Two to Four Hour D&D Adventurers League Adventure

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