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Gun-Witch: Lead, Thread, and the Dead

This evening we bring you a brand new RPG called Gun-Witch. It lets you play various gun-wielding archetypes with a bit of magic mixed in, in a post-apocalyptic fantasy world turned Weird West. You will all be newly inducted Gun-Witches, and will have to finish what your teachers started.

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Gun-Witch: Lead, Thread, and the Dead
Gun-Witch: Lead, Thread, and the Dead

Time & Location

01 nov 2022, 19:00 – 02 nov 2022, 19:00


About the event

The world (from )

Elonanji is a graveyard: a tombstone in the shape of  a continent blasted by a war which killed the Gods themselves. Prairies  have dried up into deserts, deserts flooded into sorrow-soaked swamps;  the land is pierced by blades, kissed by ash, and the cracks in reality  itself bleed fragments of dead gods and creatures from the Elsewhen. Yet  it is still a land trod by the living. A vast network of railways girds  the world, pouring blood, food, and fuel into the heart of the  continent: the last true city, Hexarail. Blessed  by the living River, it is the sclerotic heart of humanity: the great  and the small, the rich and the poor, all hanging onto the remmants of  civilization in a feverish dance of consumption designed to stave off  oblivion for one more night.

And through it all, rides the Gun-Witch. Astride  their wolf, or wandering on foot, they walk the Sacred Path of the Six  Chambers, the discipline of Shot and Steel, in service of... well,  that's up to them. Call it a Spark: for love, for money, for glory, for  revenge. Children of Father Steel and Mother Cordite, they are cultists  who wield the magic of the bullet, the sacred discipline of the gun. Their Covens hail from Orders, traditional and heretical, old and new:

  • The Western Order: the first rotation of the cylinder, the power and aura of flint and tradition, and the surety of a quick death.
  • The Eastern Order: the grace and elegance of violence, the turning of the wheel, and the individual mastery of the Path.
  • The Sacred Stitch: staple-gun and suture, making and unmaking, and the necessity of force.
  • The Seven Mile Order: the azimuth of the arc, the madness of the falling shot, and spite's delirious flavor in the mouth.
  • The Broken Boundary: art, written on the face of the world in fire and flash, explosion and excess, and the joy and sadism of Hope Herself.

The adventure

The House of a Thousand Hands terrified the people of Elonanji’s far western shores since the end of the God War, a monstrosity of clasped hands and forced prayer. It left a trail of broken bodies in its wake and so many sobbing people. The world’s finest Gun-Witches came together to put it down once and for all—and succeeded. But the leader of the team, Lady Butterfly-With-Obsidian-Wings, went Shot-Drunk during the climactic confrontation. By the time the dust cleared, everything was dead.

That was a week ago. Engorged on the strength of several powerful Gun Witches, Lady Butterfly has gone on a rampage across the western shores, slaughtering whole villages and forcing an unprecedented evacuation of the region. You have been trying to do what your teachers ordered you to do before they ended up dead in the big battle, help as many people as you can.

She’s on course for Orhan, one of the largest cities left on the sharp, cruel bluffs of the Southwestern Coast. Once a place of great magical learning, its shattered wizard towers rise from the ruins and mist like cavity ridden teeth. It’s still home to a significant population, many of them archeologists, anthropologists, and old-mages. And maybe, just maybe, you could get enough of them out if the Ten Star train line was still in town… but, of course, they just left. Now it's up to you to figure out a solution.

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